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Determination, Hard Work, Loyalty and Results!

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Located in Miami Beach, Florida, Rosenhaus Sports (“RSR”) continues to dominate the competition through a formula of hard work, hands-on personal attention, resourcefulness and an unparalleled determination to succeed for our clients no matter how daunting the task.

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Check out Rob Gronkowski speak about what it's like being represented by Rosenhaus Sports Representation

"Best agent in the business baby! Drew Rosenhaus! The best agent! Number 1!"

- Rob Gronkowski

"The most recognized agent in the business. The last time I checked, he is the agent of choice for most athletes blessed with common sense."

- Stephen A. Smith, Philadelphia Inquirer

"He's a guy that gets it done... Guys go to him because he's a shark. He's going to go in there and take care of business. He's not going to leave anything on the table. He allows a player to see his value more so than most."

- Lance Briggs, Chicago Sun-Times